This video is showing the drama right away within our first five miles of our road trip from Florida to Texas for an extreme outdoor design with over 180 tons of natural stone for a large grotto waterfall and other water features around an extremely large pool. This outdoor design makes all our other projects look tiny. The pool is 12 foot deep, the size of three swimming pools and also includes a separate "winter pool" with a large spa. Our biggest natural stone grotto waterfall will be placed along with stone waterfalls around the pool. We will be filming this project daily and you will be able to see all the stone work for this pool in stages as it progresses. If you haven't already, I recommendbecoming a VIPso you can get direct links to the videos as we post them. This transformation of this pool to paradise is going to be unbelievable and one of the most exciting construction projects you've ever seen! This swimming pool construction project will have all the natural stone set byoutdoor designer Lucas CongdonofLucas Lagoons, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida.and his master stone masons. The "Road Trip Drama Already and We've Only Gone 5 Miles! Never a Boring Day!" video is part of a Video Series about the progress of this swimming pool construction project in Texas.